Hurricane cutting is pointless and destructive.
  It weakens trees, makes them look ugly and can kill them.
It does not protect trees or property from hurricanes.
It wastes money.  It only profits tree cutting companies.
Palms should be gently pruned, if at all.  Green fronds should not be cut.
Palms are graceful, sturdy and native Florida trees.

Treat our palms right and keep Florida beautiful ! 


Palms in a shopping center in Bradenton, Florida.  But the next day, they all looked the same ...
This was the final annual abuse of this palm.  It is now dead and gone.
This tree was narrowed from annual over-pruning. 
On this day the weakened trunk was finally snapped by the wind.
New Port Richey is "The Gateway to Tropical Florida" -- and it is a Tree City.  But unfortunately their sign is correct -- they pruned these palms the "Wrong Way".